Sunday, January 23, 2011

Contouring more clutter!

Today's task was cleaning out & organizing under the master bathroom sinks.  It was total chaos and pretty gross when I started.  I containerized everything and labeled (my new addiction) everything.  I sorted into First Aid, Splints/Wraps, Surplus, vitamins, and cleaning supplies.  I did not get a picture of before, but I threw away a 1/3 of a kitchen garbage bag full of out of date, dried up, and generally yucky things that were no longer usable.  Here is what it looks like now...
  I am planning on putting down some nice contact paper in the new house and I might even paint under there.  But for now I just vacuumed out all the dust bunnies (RIP) and gave it a good scrub.  I figure if I clean as I go there will be less to do after we move out.  Hubby already said he will not be doing any cleaning afterwards, so any deposit we get back will go to the decorating fund.  I already have my eye on some really nice fabric at JoAnn's that would make lovely curtains.  I seriously can't believe how much they charge for hemmed rectangles!    Now to tackle my side.  Gotta go scrounge up some more containers from the garage.
Uh...after a cup of coffee.  I'll post pictures when I'm done. Maybe I'll watch a little tennis first too.  I have to say it sucks doing this, but I already feel a sense of relief that the house is getting in order.

I have to find a good system for tackling mail.  If any of you have one that works-let me know.  I always seem to end up with piles on my desk that make me cringe every time I walk by them.  I found a coupon organizer while cleaning out the boxes in the garage.  I'll have to clean it up and put it to use.  


  1. morning Linda. so glad to hear of Peepo,s return. To line the bottoms of my under sink cabinets I use vinyl flooring. It is more forgiving of water and drippy bottles and easy to clean. I usually have some left over from a remodel but you can get stick down squares from the home center or dollar store. just cut with scissors and fit in. This really saves the particle board bottoms that they make cabinets out of now days.
    on another note. I have three, count them three cats in the house right now! The dogs where all barky last night when I got home and after I fed horse and came in all the cats came in with me. I think that the coyotes were out in force. Miss Cassie never wants to be in but she cuddled like a house cat all night. It is still dark and they would not go out when I opened the door this morning. Something is out there! I won't go out to feed until there is more light. I might take my gun. These cats have me spooked!

  2. Yea! I have seen vinyl flooring at dollar store. That's a great idea. I'll have to keep my eye out for it. Yikes I would not want to deal with coyotes-don't blame those kitties for wanting to be inside. LOL