Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Missing Hippo

Alex has had his blue & white polka dot hippo his whole life.  I got it from one of my co-workers for my shower. His bedroom is jungled themed and of all the cute stuffed animals he chose hippo.  He could not say hippo so he called him peepo.  The name stuck and that brings me to the story.  While at preschool the kids walked to a little park right behind the preschool.  He got distracted while collecting pine cones for their nature lesson and peepo was left behind. They came back ate snack and laid down for "quiet time" at which point Alex noticed peepo missing and melted down.  I'm talking full on defcom 4.  Miss Helen sent her assistant to the park but peepo was no where to be found.  When I came to pick him up he was very upset so we went to the park again and still no peepo.  We went home and Alex remembered on one episode of Caillou that he made a sign when he lost his kitty and it was returned.  So I made up a reward/lost poster to put up in the park.  I walked about a half a mile on each direction from the park (it's on a nice bike path) and no sign of peepo.  I put up the signed and went home.  The next day right when I got home from work I got a call from a very nice high school student who noticed the sign while visiting the park with her friend.  She said that someone had pinned the hippo to the sign.  I rushed down and she was still there and so was peepo.  I offered her money and she refused stating it was the right thing to do.  Perhaps there is some hope for our future generation-lol. We got to the park to find this...
The button he was pinned to the sign with said God is Love.  Alex (and me) were both relieved and after a good washing he was back to normal.  I saved the reward sign for prosperity. Now peepo sits in the Elmo chair in his room (of course he plays & reads books while Alex is in school) and hopefully this won't happen again.

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