Friday, January 21, 2011

OK. Here is my first blog.

We are moving into our first house soon.  I have set out on a mission to finely get organized and purge.  We have too much "stuff" and it is cluttering our home.  Besides the less we have the less we have to move.  I'm hoping that an organized house will lead to a little less stress in our day to day lives.  It sure can't hurt.  I was inspired by a friend who is doing the same thing via the 21 day challenge on the blog A Bowl Full of Lemons.  I like that she post inexpensive ideas-this is one of my favorite!  I have completed day one: the junk drawer and it was a hit with the hubby who is a bit OCD and like everything to have a permanent "home".  Check it out.
The new organized junk drawer.  
Teh best part of this transformation was finding very cheap and cute baskets.  Big Lots has the long narrow ones 3/$1.00 and the bigger ones 2/$1.00 I figure I can get about a hundred baskets for the price of one hour of therapy needed to deal with the stress of clutter. LOL

My next step was my desk.  This project got interrupted twice.  Once to deal with the missing Hippo crisis and the second was a mild concussion I gave myself.  I was getting something out of the crisper and stood up and hit the top of my head on the corner of the freezer handle.  @#%$#@ yes it hurt bad, I got dizzy, and still have a headache.  I know enough to follow the precautions for a concussion without spending 4+ hours in the ER only to pick up some kind of  secondary infection. LOL  So I had to break this into two parts Here is day one progress.  
The "before" can you say embarrassing.
OK-here is half way through.  I will finish tonight provided there is no "fire" to put out. LOL

Half way-need to sort through the stuff on bottom left.
I really like how it's going so far.  I love the "new" lamp (found in the garage with the black plastic drawer thing) free is always good.  I'm going to make a cover for the plastic drawer thing and the big bookcase will be moving to a new location.  I think I'll get a large plant for the corner as well.  Now that the cats are living outside I can put plants on the floor again and not have them used as a litter box.
Check out the labels! Hopefully this will eliminates a few of the "honey where is the..." questions.

Gotta get off to work.  Will fill you all in on the "Case of the Missing Pee-Po" later.


  1. Linda, I like the organizer baskets but I won't spend any more money on them. I found that cutting the bottoms out of household containers works very well for me. I use laundry soap and orange juice jugs for large trays and dish soap bottles for smaller ones. I like baby wipe boxes for sharpies as they should be stored laying down. I use baby wipe boxes in the shop to hold larger drill bits too. The new gum cups are good for screws, beads, and other small stuff. I cut an apple cider jug into a scoop for dog food and found the bottom had ridges so I made a tray for the kitchen window to dry sponges. I like milk jugs for large and small square trays. They work well for plant saucers as well. If you cut the sides of heavy plastic jugs and put p-touch tags on them they are good for plant markers. (You could just sharpie them too, but I like to be able to read them ).

  2. Wow! Those are some great ideas. If I hadn't found the baskets so cheap, I'd probably tried to get more creative. I'll have to try some of those ideas. We already use baby wipe boxes for crayons, colored pencils, craft storage. I removed the lid from one and it stores fat quarters well and I can see the colors.